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     1.    We plan to organize camps of different types
               a)    For children and teenagers who are believers.
                          I.     To strengthen their faith
                          II.    To train people for Sunday School service
               b)    For children, teenagers, and young people who are unbelievers, for evangelization
     2.    Conducting of Winter camps for evangelization
     3.    Conducting of family couples camps to strengthen the church
     4.    To have our own base at the Black Seaside


     Up until 2001 all money has been spent for renting the building and utilities. Families who were able tried to pay for their children to attend the camp. Usually they were only able to pay enough for their food. If parents have no money, this should not be an obstacle to a child to attend camp.
     The lack of money necessary to rent a building suitable for us causes us to have to rent low quality buildings. For example this year in a building for 80 people we had more than twice that number. In such a situation we lose the opportunity to know and understand the children. We also lose the opertunity to pay attention to them and to meet their needs. This is our main problem.
     We also need our own transportation and technical equipment because up until now we have used the equipment from the church (audio, video, sound). The extension of our camp service using the equipment of the church becomes more and more difficult. That is why we need your real financial support.


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